Founded: 1924


Head Office: Robertson, Western Cape


Staff: 160+


Service Area: Western Cape


Core Nature of Business:

An earthmoving company that offers expert services to the highly competitive wine and fruit industries, state departments and local government.

From Groundbreaking Work to a Well-Established Company

Môreson was founded by Gawie Viljoen. His main focus was mechanical engineering and earthworks as services to the agricultural sector. Alwyn Visser (Snr), Alwyn Visser (Jnr) and Johan du Preez took over the company and developed it into an earthmoving company that specialises in land preparation and the construction of dams for commercial farming enterprises.

Môreson Grondverskuiwers, in association with Africa Biomass Company, also entered into the very important new territory of “green” agricultural practices and over the past few years acquired a fleet of the world’s best recycling equipment for the processing of various kinds of green waste that had previously been burnt. Fruit trees, grapevines, unwanted windbreaks, municipal green waste and sawmill waste are now converted into mulch for ground cover, compost or useful boiler fuel to be used instead of carbon fuels.


The company is a community-orientated business that supports the community in various fields, for example earthworks done for the phenomenal Jakes Gerwel Technical High School in Bonnievale and also Die Herberg Kinderhuis Thunderchild project.